Private Maths Tutoring: A More Effective Way to Help Your Child in School

July 21, 2022
Blog posted July 21, 2022 by Megan Ward
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The problem in today’s education system is that there are too many children who are expected to get the same type and amount of education as every child. In order to give all children a competitive edge, it is essential to focus on key areas in which your child can excel. 

One of the best ways to help your child succeed in school is through private maths tutoring. 

But finding a reliable maths tutor in Geelong can be quite a daunting task. The majority of parents are worried about the quality of their kids' education and where to find help.

Fortunately, this isn’t something that you need to stress over. 

Choosing the right maths tutor for your child shouldn't be as hard as it seems either, which is why we wrote this article.

Why Private Maths Tutoring?

Private maths tutoring is one of the best options to help your child succeed in school because it gives them an opportunity to have an individualized learning experience. 

Additionally, this type of education is not only beneficial for kids who struggle with mathematics but also for children who are lacking in self-esteem and would benefit from seeing someone outside of school. 

There’s nothing better than motivation and encouragement when it comes to academic progress. If you want your child to succeed academically and achieve their full potential, you should consider private maths tutoring.

How to Find a Maths Tutor in Geelong?

The first thing you need to do is to find a suitable maths tutor for your child. Looking for a maths tutor near you is a good start. 

Get recommendations from your neighbors and friends if they know a learning center in Geelong they can recommend. Once you gather recommended tutoring centers, you can then compare their programs and teaching methods when you go to their website or visit them.

In case you can't find any referrals, you can search on Google for Maths Tutoring in Geelong. Take a look at the reviews from parents and kids to see if they are in line with what you need for your child.

Online reviews can help you a lot when you are looking for a math tutor for your child. Many parents prefer to rely on online reviews for help when choosing tutors for their kids. They can also help you to compare tutoring centers that can offer the services you need.

In addition, you should check their websites to see if they provide quality tutoring services. Make sure you choose a tutoring center that offers different types of tutoring, like in-person, online, or in small groups.

Which Type of Tutoring is Best for your Child?

Choosing the right tutoring program for your child is the first step. Because there are different types of tutoring, you should research your options and figure out which one works best for your child.

Private Tutoring

Students benefit most from private tutoring because they get to work with a tutor that is specifically trained to help them.

Students can achieve their academic goals with this type of tutoring, even though it is often more expensive.

Small Group Tutoring

Learning from those with experience in the same subject as you is a great way for students to get motivated. In addition to learning more effectively, tutors can also make the learning process more enjoyable for the students.

It's possible to get group tutoring in both traditional and non-traditional subjects. Examples of traditional subjects are Maths and English, while non-traditional subjects are coding courses and computer classes.

Online Tutoring

Students and parents who don't have access to a tutor in their area or who are busy can take advantage of online tutoring. The good thing about online tutoring is that students and parents can work with a tutor from anywhere.

Also, online tutors are usually available 24/7, so students who need help at night or on weekends can get it.

Check out this article about small group vs. private tutoring programs.

Final Thoughts

Private maths tutoring should be on top of your list of ways to help your child succeed in school. This is an effective way to get your child better grades because it allows them to learn at their own pace and follow a customized learning plan.

Private maths tutoring is also a cost-effective option. If your kid gets one-on-one attention, it'll help them learn better, at home or in a tutoring center. 

If you are located near Geelong VIC, then iCode School can provide you with the best maths tutoring for your child.

We offer affordable in-person or online tutoring services for prep and primary students. Our maths tutoring program follows the most up-to-date school curriculum, so you know everything learned will be relevant to your child.

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