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Tutoring School Children For The Future

iCode School started off with founder Shannon Curtis as a teacher, a dad of three kids and a husband as well. In 2013, when his children were in primary school, he realised the world was changing, and changing quickly.

Technology was disrupting the way we work and learn, and tutoring children in the right subjects would future-proof their skill-set. Shannon was working in marketing and technology roles, where he found he could use his skills and interests. The problem was he was empty on the inside, and could see the incredible impact technology was having on the economy, jobs, and education. That’s when he decided he would change occupations, and he would invest in tutoring children for a career, providing Australia with after school care activities, combined with education. And what an amazing decision that has been for the children of Geelong and across Australia.

The World is Changing

Fast forward several years and Megan Ward purchased iCode School, with the same passions, interests and enthusiasm for teaching children and young people. With a new model of engaged learning through immersion in after school programs, specialist tutoring and school holiday intensive programs, iCode has been growing from strength to strength.

iCode School, through its development, recognised that Australia's kids needed more from their education and child care. As a qualified behaviour specialist and teacher, Megan has been able to better support her own children, and help other parent to develop and support theirs.

After School Programs & Tuition To Prepare Kids For The Future!

Megan's journey as a teacher in Special Education and intensive has been valuable, but tutoring and learning using "fun" as a key driver has led to rapid confidence building and skills development in students' strengths.

iCode Schools' learning philosophy is built to inspire, be fun, engaging, and is designed to teach kids the three literacies that are critical to their future success - Maths, English and Digital Literacy.

Whether attending our online tutoring sessions, or in-person classroom learning, it's this journey on educating children across a range of settings, as well as Megan's own educational learning style, that showed her that there was a better, more affordable way to support Australian kids with their after school learning. So from here, we were able to develop after school learning programs, specialist tutoring and holiday programs that allow us to offer more than the standard school curriculum.

iCode School’s Learning Philosophy

Traditional child tutoring centres only teach maths and English, which is no longer enough.

At iCode School, we offer families access to the three key 21st literacies - MathsEnglish and Digital.

It is this 21st-century approach to learning, combined with our ‘Rapid Results Learning System’ that will ensure your child is prepared and ready for a bright future opening up to more opportunities than ever considered.

Value Based Tutoring Services That Parents Can Afford

In the modern digital world, kids often need additional tutoring support to reach their full potential or expand their knowledge, skills or interests. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay over $60 a session for child tutoring, which is why our investment rates are amazing value for money. We are also able to work with your NDIS provider to support your child's needs or interests.

If you would like to explore how iCode School could further support your child, please click the ‘Get Started’ button now.

Opportunities include: 

  • English and Maths Tutoring
  • Learn Coding
  • Social Programs
  • Holiday Programs

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