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How Coding Can Benefit Kids Who Are NDIS Funded And Neuro-Diverse

We provide tutoring for special needs students and Coding is the perfect outlet for those neuro-diverse children who love all things ‘tech’ to find, connect and learn with other like-minded kids in a safe environment.

Many NDIS funded students have learning difficulties, but coding education has proven to have many benefits for children that are on the spectrum. These benefits include:

Connection & Socialisation



Providing skills for future employment

Parent and Tutor Feedback

Below is a series of videos where experts, and parents explain the benefits, confidence-boosting and results they have witnessed from our special needs tutors and coding courses that we deliver neuro-diverse children.

How group coding sessions work with a special needs tutor

At iCode we are teaching group 1-hour classes of between 4 - 8 primary school children. We have a low tutor-to-student ratio, so your child gets the attention they need. Our experienced special-needs tutor can give what is required in classes this small. We are teaching weeknights from 4.15 - 5.15pm and from 5.30 - 6.30pm. We also offer Saturday morning sessions. If you're not able to attend in person, we also offer online learning. Please reach out if you live in a remote location and would like to explore your options.


1 on 1 Personalised Special Needs Tutoring

We also offer one-to-one, personalised special needs tutoring in 1-hour sessions where one of our specialised tutors would assist your child over a set period. These are usually class-room sessions, as opposed to being at your home, because the environment and resources we teach with are an important part of our curriculum. We would develop a differentiated learning program that is specific to your child's individual needs. The goal of one-to-one programs is to develop the skills in your child so they are able to effectively move into wider group classes when they are ready. Tutoring for special needs students is our specialty. You're not locked into any contracts, in fact, NDIS will fund our courses and your child is guaranteed to advance, or we'll work for free.

We Help Students With Unique Learning Needs

If your little one is on the Autism spectrum, we provide the ideal environment for them to thrive. You're not locked in to any contracts. In fact, NDIS will fund our courses and your child is guaranteed to advance, or we'll work for free.

FREE No Obligation Trial Class & Studio Tour.

We recommend that every child comes along for a no obligation free studio tour and trial class. This allows children and parents to check out the iCode studio and also trial coding to see if they will like our tutoring for special needs students. At iCode we just want happy kids who are learning, socialising and having fun.

If your child likes it and you would like to continue, we can then have a chat about what course would be right for your child’s needs.

How to access iCode services with your NDIS funding

NDIS participants can access our services using their funding if they are plan managed, or self managed.

Typically, our tutoring for special-needs-students service falls under the Core or Capacity Building budget.

We always recommend people speak to their Local Area Co-ordinator or the NDIS for guidance on how to best include funding for group coding classes in their plan.

Currently, iCode School is NOT an official NDIS registered provider.


Group coding sessions are $45 per week. A typical term is 9 weeks, so $405 per term.

The investment for private sessions is $120 per hour.


  • Can I use my NDIS funding for this course?

    Depending on the funding areas that you have allocated for your child, we can invoice your self managed fund or your plan manager for all of our Social, Coding and Holiday Programs.

  • I am Self Managed - Can I still use my NDIS funding?

    Yes, you can use your NDIS funding even though you are self managed. We will provide you with an invoice directly to make your claim.

  • I am Plan Managed. Can you invoice my provider directly?

    Yes! We can invoice your provider week by week or as a full term option depending on what you and your provider would like.

  • Can you provide quotes for classes?

    We can provide both term by term or whole year quotes for social and coding programs. We can provide these directly to you or direct to your plan manager or provider.

  • Can you write reports for my plan review?

    We can write comprehensive reports to support your child's NDIS application or review.

  • My funding is running out? Can my NDIS Plan pay for some and can I pay the remaining invoice?

    Yes, we can split an invoice to your NDIS provider and also to you se we can ensure your child or young person does not miss out on any of their lessons.

Request More Information.

    • Only 8 students per class

    • A free trial class, know they're 100% comfortable before any commitment.

    • Attend your Free Learning Consultation, meet the team and get excited for new opportunities.

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