Personalized Maths and English Tutoring in Belmont, VIC

March 11, 2022
Blog posted March 11, 2022 by Megan Ward
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Do you want your kids to be prepared for the world?

Do you want to give your kids a head start and advantage over other children, and empower them with skills they can use their entire life?

Do you want to help your kids be the best version of themselves and live a fulfilled life?

iCode School is an innovative learning center that provides personalized tutoring for kids in Belmont, VIC. We provide remote tutoring services as well as customized on-site workshops. Our team of experienced tutors is ready to help your kids realize their full potential.

With iCode School, your child will receive individual attention from professional tutors, in subjects like Maths, English, STEM, and Coding courses. Our modules are designed to make programming more interactive and friendly by using game-like exercises to make learning fun.

The Benefits of a Personalized Tutoring Experience

personalized matsh and english tutoring in belmont, victoria

Students deserve a personalized tutoring experience. This is because each student learns differently and has different needs. A personalized tutoring experience would allow for the student to be taught in a way that would help them learn better and faster.

A personalized tutor will also be able to see what the student understands and what they don't understand, so they can provide them with resources that will help them learn more efficiently.

Our Team of Expert Tutors with Innovative Teaching Strategies to Bring Out the Best in Your Child

A personal tutor can be the best investment you ever make for your child. They are experienced and follow the iCode School ‘Rapid Results Learning System’ to bring out the best in your child.

We have specialized tutors for different subjects like English, Maths, Coding, etc. Our tutors are passionate about what they do and they love working with children.

Education in Belmont, Victoria

Belmont is located in the state of Victoria, Australia. The name Belmont means "beautiful hill". Belmont is geographically separated from the Geelong central business district by the Barwon River. It is not too far away from Melbourne and can be accessed via the Princes Freeway.

Belmont is served by a number of primary and secondary schools:

  • Belmont Primary School in Mount Pleasant Road is one of the oldest primary schools in Geelong. It opened on 1 December 1856, with 34 children enrolled to begin their education. Now, more than 200 years later, Belmont Primary school is still going strong and has a student population of around 300 students.
  • Belmont High School is situated off Roslyn Road and was the first secondary school in Belmont. It opened during the post-World War II population boom in the district. The new facility was built with a spacious auditorium (now the music room), labs for science and home economics, and an enlarged library. Belmont High School continues to offer a strong academic program as well as opportunities for students.
  • Oberon Primary School also opened when development in Belmont accelerated post-World War II.
  • In the late 1960s, Oberon High School opened on Kidman Avenue to accommodate the increasing population south of the Barwon River. The school also provides education to students from the rural and coastal areas of the south side of Geelong.

The Belmont campus of Charles Sturt University was once home to the South Barwon Technical School on Reynolds Road which opened in the late 1970s. The school was closed in the early 1990s as part of the then-State Government reforms of vocational education and training and replaced by a TAFE campus.

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