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April 20, 2022
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Are you looking for maths or English tutoring in Geelong West? Our friendly tutors are here to help! iCode School offers a variety of services, including one-on-one tutoring, small group sessions, and online sessions.

What Are the Benefits of Maths Tutoring?

maths tutoring - tutor coaching student with mathematics

There are many benefits to having a tutor for maths. One of the most significant benefits is that a tutor can help students to better understand and remember the concepts they are learning. This can help students to improve their grades and confidence in their ability to learn maths.

Additionally, tutors can also provide one-on-one assistance, which can be especially helpful for students who find math difficult or who need extra support. Some of these benefits include:

  • helping students improve their math skills
  • increasing students' math literacy
  • providing support during difficult times
  • encouraging students to continue learning mathematics in order to further their careers.

What Are the Benefits of English Tutoring?

English tutoring is an excellent way for students to improve their language skills and gain a better understanding of the written word. Tutors can offer guidance in both grammar and vocabulary, which can help students learn at their own pace and improve their overall comprehension.

In addition, English tutoring can help students develop confidence when speaking, reading, and writing in English. By taking advantage of a tutor’s expertise, students can achieve great results in no time!

There are many reasons why English tutoring can be helpful, and here are a few more:

  • English tutoring also provides an opportunity for students to practice their oral and writing skills. This is especially important for students who want to study English at university or in a professional setting.
  • Tutoring also allows tutors to work on specific areas of a child's reading and writing skills. For example, one student might focus on pronunciation while another student focuses on reading and writing. This type of individualized attention is invaluable for students who want to improve specific areas of their language ability.

Why Choose Us?

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When you choose iCode School, you are choosing a business with years of experience and a proven track record of success. Our tutors have a deep understanding of teaching maths and English to children, which allows them to offer help that is both effective and tailored to their needs.

We believe in providing our students with the best possible resources so that they can achieve their goals. Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced in both academic subjects and tutoring styles, which means that they are able to provide your child with the support they need to improve their academic performance.

Call us today and claim your free assessment, learning consultation, and two weeks of maths or English tutoring today! ($248 value for free)

This offer is strictly limited to 5 people per week. Call us at 5260 1816 to get started.

Schools And Education In Geelong West, VIC

geelong west town hall

Geelong West is a suburb of Geelong, Victoria, Australia. It was originally known as Kildare but its name was changed to Geelong West in 1875. The main street is Pakington Street. At the 2016 Census, Geelong West had a population of 6,966 people.

In Geelong West, there are many schools and education options available for you to choose from. The most important factor in deciding where to enroll your child is their educational needs.

Education options available in Geelong West

There are many schools and education options available in Geelong West, VIC. You will need to know what type of school will best suit your child’s learning needs and the type of education you are looking for.

These are some of the options available in Geelong West:

  • Preschools and day-care centres
  • Primary schools
  • High schools
  • Colleges
  • Tutoring centres
  • Coding classes

What schools are in Geelong West?

The best schools for students in Geelong West are those that are well-established, offer a wide range of programs, and are a good match for your child’s learning style.

Here is a list of schools in Geelong West that offer the best programs for your child.

1. Ashby Primary School

Ashby Primary School is a co-ed primary school, serving years P-6. The school is 1 of 134 government schools in the Geelong West area. Ashby Primary School has 230 students enrolled at their school. 230 of these students are in primary school.

2. Saint Patrick's School

st patricks primary school sign

Classrooms in Saint Patrick's School are conducive to contemporary learning as they are light and spacious, some with folding walls. The school has a large open area where the whole school assembles weekly. All classrooms have air-conditioning, heating, interactive whiteboards, and computers.

3. Geelong Lutheran College, St John's Newtown

Geelong Lutheran College, established in 2009, is a co-educational primary and secondary school offering education for students from Prep to Year 12.

4. St Mary's Primary School

St Mary’s School provides an inclusive co-education from Foundation (Prep) to Year 6 with enrolments in 2021 totaling 239 students. Classes operate under a multi-age structure (Foundation, 1/2, 3/4, 5/6) and students are taught a comprehensive curriculum based on the VicCurriculum, as well as Religious Education in the Catholic Faith as set by the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Maths and English Tutoring in Geelong West, VIC

If you are located near Geelong West VIC, then iCode School can provide you with the best maths and English tutoring for your child.

We offer affordable in-person or online tutoring services for prep and primary students. Our maths and English tutoring program follow the most up-to-date school curriculum, so you know everything learned will be relevant to your child.

You can book a free assessment, learning consultation, and 2 weeks of free maths and English tutoring today! ($248 value)

This offer is strictly limited to 5 people per week. Call us today on 5260 1816 to get started.

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