Game Development for kids 


Coding games for kids classes will transform your child’s love of gaming into
  creative thinking & problem solving.

Inspire your child's inner creativity with classes in game development for kids.

Our classes for video game development for kids, takes your child’s love of technology and uses it as a hook to learn. Not only will they have fun learning to design and develop games, they will also develop important 21st century digital literacy and STEM skills, while connecting with other like-minded kids. Their brains will be firing on all cylinders, while smiling ear-to-ear and learning valuable tech skills.

Game Design teaches students the basics of coding in a fun and game based experience. They are introduced to coding concepts, variables, branching and conditionals. Students will develop their problem solving and computational thinking skills giving them a leap ahead in skills that will undoubtedly shape their future employment options. These transferrable game developer skills are at the forefront of technology and a perfect activity to set your kid up for a bright future. 

What To Expect From Our Classes In Coding Games For Kids .

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Term Based Courses

Our kids game programming courses run for 9-10 weeks in accordance with the school terms.

Weekly 1 hour sessions

Learn online from any location, or in-person at our modern Geelong & Hunter Valley learning studios.

Sequential Curricilum

Our coding for kids games design programs allow your child to progress and move forward in their game coding journey.

Programming for kids        

Designed for kids, our classes are fun, educational and align with the school curriculum.

Caring Code Coaches

who are committed to your child’s learning growth.

Fun Courses                             

where kids can connect and socialise with other like minded kids who share their passion for technology.
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FREE No Obligation Studio Tour and Trial Kids' Game Design Class

Students will create a minimum 3x games over 10 weeks.

Get real time feedback and support.

Kids go beyond playing mobile and computer games and move into creating their own games and projects!
Logins and passwords are provided to continue learning and extend creativity at home.


Benefits Kids Get From Programming Games !

Problem Solving

Our game development for kids classes teach kids to think critically and creatively. They need to analyse problems, identify solutions, and make decisions to create a playable and enjoyable game. Video game design helps develop their problem-solving skills, which are essential in various aspects of life.

Future Proofing

Australian schools lack the resources to deliver the skills your child requires. An older teaching workforce and the newness of game design mean that schools are still scrambling to up-skill. Research shows only 1 in 3 ICT teachers are qualified to teach coding, let alone game design. Programming games for kids is a great way to future proof your child's skills.

Class environment

Our classes for coding games for kids is FUN! Kids love creating games, apps and interactive projects. It's also a great way to make new friends. Plus, you'll see their creative thinking skills improve as they become creators, not just consumers. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your children’s imagination.

Creative Imaginations

Our game development for kids classes allow children to express their creativity and imagination by designing characters, worlds, and gameplay mechanics. It encourages them to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas, fostering their artistic and imaginative abilities.

Team Work

Jobs of the future will require STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths). As well as this, many game design projects involve teamwork, where children work together to bring their ideas to life. Collaboration teaches them effective communication, compromise, and the value of working together to achieve a common goal. Our courses in coding games for kids will improve all areas of your child's development, guaranteed.

Social Interaction

Kids love creating games, apps and interactive projects. Our classes for coding games for kids is also a great way to make new friends. Plus, you'll see their creative thinking skills improve as they become creators, not just consumers. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your children’s imagination.

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Game Development FAQ's

  • Do kids need any prior coding experience to join these classes?

    No prior coding experience is required at iCode School 🙂 These classes are beginner-friendly and designed to introduce coding concepts from scratch. Children with no prior experience can start learning and gradually build their skills, while making friends and enjoying their time here.

  • Will my child be spending too much time in front of a screen?

    While our games development classes involve using computers, they also encourage creative thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving. Many classes include hands-on activities, group discussions, and offline exercises to balance screen time.

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