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Incredible Pricing

Just $50 per hour in a small in-person class, so your child gets all the attention they require and deserve.

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Learning Guarantee

Guaranteed results in 60 days, or your money back! If your child don't improve in 60 days, we'll refund your money, or work for free until they do.

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No Lock-In Contracts

We don't lock you in & we'll tutor for free if you don't think you're getting value. An English tutor for primary school kids is only as good as the progress your child makes.

We're English tutoring Geelong & Hunter Valley's children from Prep to Year 10, to quickly improve in their reading, comprehension, spelling, grammar and writing.

Reading and writing are foundational subjects that have a direct impact on your child’s confidence, self-esteem and love of learning. When your child starts to improve in their English, reading and writing, you will see their confidence lift, and in many cases, see them improve in other areas as well.

 English tutoring children in their reading and writing

 Here's what  to expect from our after school tutoring


Incredible Pricing

Our pricing is the best value you'll find in the area & across Australia, guaranteed! Especially as we have offer English lessons with only 8 kids per class. Contact us for specials & the timetable for the iCode studio near you. Book a free trial today.


Learning Guarantee

If your child’s school English results don’t improve in 60 days, we’ll refund your tuition fees, or better yet, we'll work for free with one-to-one tutoring until you're 100% happy. We aim to match the perfect tutor to develop your children's education and individualised learning.


No Lock-In Contracts

You can cancel our after school tutoring in English at anytime if you don't feel you're getting value. We promise your kids will be learning valuable English skills right from their first lesson, and we'll do our best to match you, so you find the perfect tutor within iCode School.


Weekly 1 hour sessions

Learn remotely with online tutoring, or in-person classes at our modern learning studios. Located at 124 High St, Belmont, Geelong, & Greta, Hunter Valley. If that's not enough, private English lessons are available. Enquire about private tutoring today.


Regular reporting

As part of our after school tutoring, you'll get updates on your child’s progress from our expert English tutors. If they need one-to-one attention, our classes allow for side-sessions, in case your child doesn't entirely grasp the concept.


English tuition program

Our English support learning style aligns with the school curriculum, so you know everything learned will be relevant to your child to improve or extend their range of skills.


An English tutoring program

That boosts their confidence, class engagement, prepares students for school exams, and supports and builds upon what your child is learning at school. It makes learning fun.


Caring English Teachers

Our tutors are committed to your child’s learning growth, whether it's online tutoring or in person. Our tutors offer a supportive learning environment and teaching methods that make English interesting.

How English Tutoring Primary School Students Works


The first step is to get a detailed understanding of where your child is currently at in their learning. We do this by conducting our ‘Dynamic English Diagnosis’ that clearly highlights any gaps in your child’s learning, and where your child needs support.


After the ‘Dynamic English Diagnosis’ has been completed, we sit down with families and have a learning consultation where we provide a comprehensive summary of what the diagnosis has uncovered, key areas where your child needs support, and the English tuition program we would recommend to support your child in quickly bridging any learning gaps. 


If you feel that we can provide the after school tutoring support required for your child, we build a personalised, targeted learning plan that is designed to improve your child’s learning results in the shortest possible time. We will then schedule a convenient weekly one hour session to support your child with their after school tutoring in English.

How the iCode School ‘Rapid Results Learning System’ works

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Dynamic English Diagnosis

The key to helping your child improve in English (be this reading, writing or spelling) is to understand where your child is at in their learning at any given time.

We do this through our ‘Dynamic English Diagnosis’ which happens at the very start, and then weekly through a ‘Snapshot Diagnosis’. This allows our tutors to always understand where your child is at, and what we need to teach them next.

Zone of Proximal Development Targeting

The zone of proximal development (ZPD), or zone of potential development, refers to the range of abilities an individual can perform with the guidance of an expert, but cannot yet perform on their own.

The fastest way to improve your child’s English skills is to consistently teach and support them in their ZPD. The use of our ‘Snapshot Diagnosis’ informs our tutors, so they can consistently target and teach your child in their ZPD area.

english tutor zone of proximal development targeting diagram
english tutor helping prep student with reading

Weekly Adaptive Learning

When we English tutor Geelong's youths, it's important for effective & fast learning that we are adapting to your child's behavioral needs at any given time, and their level of comprehension as they grow. We ensure your child’s personalised English tutoring program, and the tasks your child undertakes, are adapted weekly to ensure your child is learning quickly.

How the ‘Rapid Results Learning System’ is different to traditional tutoring methods.

A traditional after school tutor for primary school students tends to focus on a ‘building blocks’ approach. This sees a child work through lots of activities on the same concept to ensure they have no learning gaps. The problem with this is, a child may have already mastered a concept, yet they still have to keep working through the activities until the very end, where they will be assessed.

This is great for tutoring companies that keep you paying for a longer period of time. But it leads to a child losing engagement, and you as a parent paying for tutoring for much longer than you need to.

The ‘Rapid Results Learning System’ identifies when a child has mastered a concept and then moves them forward. At iCode School, we don’t want to waste your child’s time or your money.

primary student having fun with english tutoring in geelong

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find a tutor near me?
You can start by asking your child's teachers or other parents if they know of any good tutors. You can also search online for local tutoring near me.

We have a team of experienced tutors who are ready to help you with your math homework. You can also find a tutor by completing our free online math tutoring test.
How can an English tutor help my child with their reading and writing skills?
A qualified English tutor can help your child with reading and writing skills through latest diagnostic tests and tools to quickly identify any learning gaps your child may have.

And with the right tools, tutors can assess the proficiency and language skills of your kids more accurately. With an accurate assessment, tutors will be able to come up with a better and more personalized learning plan for every child.
What is the difference between English teacher and English tutor?
Tutoring sessions run for 1 hour each week per subject.
What makes a good English tutor?
It's important to find a tutor with a good reputation, as this will ensure that your child is in good hands. A good English tutor will have experience working with children and will be able to provide quality instruction.

Additionally, online resources like Google and Yelp can also be helpful in finding reliable English tutoring in Geelong.

Before choosing a tutor, it is important to read the reviews to see if anyone has had good or bad experiences with the tutor. By doing this, you can get a sense of what to expect from the tutor and whether they are a good fit for your child.
What are the benefits of after school tutoring of English for my child?
The benefits of getting English tutoring for your children are:

1. Improved school performance and grades
2. Improved communication skills and more confidence in public speaking situations
3. Less time spent on homework and more time doing activities they enjoy
4. Improved understanding of grammar and vocabulary

For kids who need improvement with their reading and writing skills, tutoring is a great way to improve communication skills and understanding of grammar and vocabulary. It is something that should be considered for every child.
Where do the tutoring sessions take place?
Tutoring sessions take place at our learning studios at 1/124 High St, Belmont (directly opposite KFC). We also offer online sessions for one to one tutoring.

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