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May 5, 2022
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Armstrong Creek is located in Victoria's southeast suburbs, approximately 14 kilometres north of Torquay. It runs through mostly rural land before reaching the Surfcoast Highway near Geelong. The growth area was approved by the Victorian State Government in 2010 and officially gazetted in 2012 as a focus for future development.

The Armstrong Creek Growth area is made up of a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial land. It provides opportunities for new housing developments, business parks, and recreational facilities.

There is also quality education available in the area, with a number of primary and secondary schools located nearby.

Why are Maths and English Important?

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Both maths and English are important for students because they allow students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Maths is important for students because it allows them to understand mathematical concepts and equations, while English is important for students because it allows them to read, write, and speak effectively.

How to Help Your Child Succeed in Maths and English?

Maths and English are two subjects that require a lot of concentration and hard work. The best way to help your child succeed in maths and English is to provide them with regular support. 

You can do this by providing them with individualized learning plans, helping them to understand the concepts and equations, and providing encouragement.

If you need help with this, you can also consider tutoring services. Tutoring services can provide your child with the support they need to succeed in maths and English.

The Best Maths and English Tutoring in Armstrong Creek

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There are many excellent maths and English tutoring services in Armstrong Creek. If your child struggles with either of these subjects, a tutor can help them to improve their skills. 

A tutor can also help your child to develop better study habits so that they can achieve their academic goals.

When choosing a tutor, be sure to consider the qualifications of the learning provider. Additionally, it is important to find a tutor who is compatible with your child’s personality and style of learning.

iCode School is a leading provider of tutoring services in Geelong. We offer a wide range of programs, including Maths and English tutoring. We have a team of experienced and friendly tutors who can help you improve your math skills quickly and easily.

Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced in the field, and they are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals. We offer a range of tutoring services, including one-on-one tutoring, group tutoring, and homework help.

If you are looking for quality Maths and English tutoring near Armstrong Creek, look no further than iCode School!

Schools and Education in Armstrong Creek, Victoria

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Armstrong Creek is located in Victoria's southeast suburbs with a population of around 4,397 people according to a 2016 census.

There are many schools in Armstrong Creek, and majority of the teachers are qualified and experienced. They have completed a degree at a university or an equivalent institution and have passed a teacher qualification test. 

The curriculum that is taught in schools is based on the Victorian Curriculum, which was developed by the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

1. Armstrong Creek School

Armstrong Creek School is an exciting social infrastructure hub, which seeks to maximize community engagement and encourage out-of-hours use of the school facilities. The inclusive school provides new facilities, combining primary (P-6) and special (P-12) school elements under one governance model.

The school is part of the Armstrong Creek Education Precinct, with a new campus for Oberon High School part of this precinct.

2. Oberon High School

Oberon High School is a secondary school located in Armstrong Creek, Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Established in 1963, Oberon High School is a single campus year 7 – 12 that has just relocated to a brand new state of the art facility in Armstrong Creek, approximately 12 kilometres south of the centre of Geelong. The student population of 850 is drawn from a wide urban, rural and coastal area.

3. Geelong Lutheran College

Geelong Lutheran College Armstrong Creek, established in 2009, is a co-educational Primary and Secondary school offering education for students from Prep to Year 12.

The Lutheran Education system is the second-largest non-government system providing for over 40,000 students across Australia. Lutheran education has a long and proud tradition of education since 1839, springing from a strong Lutheran desire to educate their children within a Christian context.

Personalized Tutoring Services in Armstrong Creek, VIC

If you are located near Armstrong Creek VIC, then iCode School can provide you with quality maths and English tutoring for your child.

We offer affordable in-person or online tutoring services for prep and primary students. Our maths and English tutoring program follow the most up-to-date school curriculum, so you know everything learned will be relevant to your child.

You can book a free assessment, learning consultation, and 2 weeks of free maths and English tutoring today! ($248 value)

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