1:1 Private Tutor - In Coding

At iCode School, we offer private tuition in coding.  We believe in the transformative power of education, especially when it comes to children and young people with additional needs. Our 1:1 coding classes are designed to not only teach coding skills but also to provide a supportive environment where every individual can thrive. Our personalised approach to learning benefits children and young people with additional needs, helping them get ahead of the learning pack and unlock their full potential.

Our private tutors encourage & combine fun with creative thought & 
  problem solving.

Personalised Learning Experience:

Custom Private Tutoring:

One of the key benefits of 1:1 coding classes at iCode School is the personalised learning experience we offer. Each session is tailored to the specific needs, interests, and learning pace of the student.
For children and young people with additional needs, this individualised approach is crucial as it allows them to learn in a way that suits their unique strengths and challenges.

Whether they require more time to grasp concepts, additional support, or advanced challenges, our experienced instructors adapt the curriculum to meet their needs effectively. Not only is your child learning coding, but they are also gaining a wide range of additional skills. 

Building Self Esteem and Confidence

Engaging in 1:1 coding classes can significantly boost confidence and self-esteem in children and young people with additional needs. Through personalized attention and encouragement from our coaches, kids gain a sense of accomplishment as they overcome challenges and see their coding skills improve.
As they master coding concepts and create their own projects, they develop a sense of pride in their abilities, fostering a positive attitude towards learning and problem-solving.

Enhancing Cognitive Skills:

Coding involves critical thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning, which are valuable cognitive skills for children and young people with additional needs.
Our 1:1 coding classes provide a stimulating environment where students can exercise their cognitive abilities in a structured and supportive manner. By breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable tasks, kids learn to approach challenges systematically, improving their ability to focus, plan, and execute tasks effectively in their own time

What To Expect From Our One-To-One Private Tutors & Classes .

Incredible Pricing                      

Reach out to us for individual programs, promotions, and offers in pricing. You'll find we offer the best value for money in Belmont.

Free Trial Class                       

Try the first class 100% free to see if you like learning how code, or to develop games.

Term Based Courses

Courses run during school terms between 9 and 10 weeks. Each Australian state has slightly different dates for holidays, but we'll communicate dates with you prior to each term.

Weekly 1 hour sessions

Learn online from any location, anywhere in Australia, as long as you have a good internet connection.

Sequential Curriculum

Our kids tutors follow the school curriculum, allowing your child to progress and advance in relevant subjects . No traditional school provides this level of advancement in learning.

Maths For Kids        

Designed for kids, our online Math classes are fun, educational, engaging, supportive and align with the Australian school curriculum. We boost confidence in children through accomplishment.

8 Kids Per Class & Tutor

Our Maths coaches and English Tutors are committed to your child’s learning growth. We have only 8 kids per class, which means they'll receive special attention.

Fun, Engaging Courses                     

iCode is a community where kids can connect and socialise with other like minded kids. It's supportive learning at its best.

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Fostering Creativity and Innovation:

Unleash Creativity:

Coding is not just about writing lines of code; it's also a creative and expressive outlet.
Our 1:1 coding classes encourage students to unleash their creativity and explore innovative solutions to real-world problems.
Through hands-on projects and collaborative activities, children and young people with additional needs can express themselves, experiment with different ideas, and bring their imaginations to life through coding.

Promoting Inclusivity and Empowerment:

At iCode School, we believe in creating an inclusive learning environment where every student feels valued, respected and empowered.
Our 1:1 coding classes cater to the diverse needs of children and young people with additional needs, ensuring that they have equal opportunities to excel and succeed.
By celebrating their strengths and supporting their areas of growth, we empower students to embrace their potential and pursue their passions with confidence

Proven Results:

Our tutoring programs have helped countless students improve their academic performance and achieve their learning goals.
Enrich your child's home school experience with iCode School's coding tutoring programs. 


Benefits Kids Get From Personal Tuition !

At iCode School, we recognise the immense potential of children and young people with additional needs, and we are committed to helping them thrive through our 1:1 coding classes. By providing a personalised learning experience, building confidence, enhancing cognitive skills, fostering creativity, and promoting inclusivity, we empower students to get ahead of the learning pack and become the innovators of tomorrow. Join us on this exciting journey of learning, discovery, and empowerment at iCode School. Contact us today to learn more about our programs!

Problem Solving

Our game development for kids classes teach kids to think critically and creatively. They need to analyse problems, identify solutions, and make decisions to create a playable and enjoyable game. Video game design helps develop their problem-solving skills, which are essential in various aspects of life.

Future Proofing

Australian schools lack the resources to deliver the skills your child requires. An older teaching workforce and the newness of technology and computing means that schools are still scrambling to up-skill. Of course, Math is essential to technology. Research shows only 1 in 3 ICT teachers are qualified to teach computing. Our courses that combine Math, english and computer skills is a great way to future proof your child's skills.

Dedicated Attention.

Our classes for coding games for kids is FUN, but distraction can easily occur for certain children. We've found that if students are given the right attention, they love what they've previously avoided. Competence in a subject can foster the enjoyment, so our job is in creating tasks for game development, apps and interactive projects that your child will love to engage in.

Creative Imaginations

Our game development for kids classes allow children to express their creativity and imagination by designing characters, worlds, and gameplay mechanics. It encourages them to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas, fostering their artistic and imaginative abilities.

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FAQs About 1:1 Private Tuition

  • What are the benefits of 1:1 coding classes compared to group classes?

    Personalised attention leads to faster progress and deeper understanding, your child gets a customised learning experience that fosters engagement and confidence.

  • How do I know if my child is ready for 1:1 coding classes?

    If your child shows interest in technology and problem-solving, struggles in group settings or has additional needs they may benefit from personalised lessons with an experienced coach.

  • What can my child expect to learn in a 1:1 coding class?

    Depending on the level your child is at they may begin with fundamental programming or concepts tailored to their level. Projects align with their individual interests, applying and we can apply coding skills to real-world scenarios.

  • How can I ensure that my child gets the most out of their 1:1 coding classes?

    Encourage active participation and practice outside of classes. Support their interests and communicate regularly with the coach for progress updates.

  • Can I use my NDIS finding for these classes?
    We are able to invoice NDIS plans and providers, depending on individualised funding plans.

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    • Only 8 students per class

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