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The learning style provided by public primary schools isn't ideal for all students. If your littles ones are struggling at school, or even if you'd just like an educational option for after school care, then iCode's unique methods could be ideal to advance their learning.  It's child care with impact! Let's also not forget the importance of making it fun, so your children are engaged and look forward to visiting iCode.
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coding for kids


iCode's after-school tuition in English for Geelong's primary school students offers a range of benefits that contribute to their overall academic success and personal development.

Firstly, our classes provide small classes with a fun environment for learning. This allows students to reinforce concepts taught during regular school hours, clarify doubts in a no-pressure zone, and achieve. Our small classes and focused attention allow a better understanding of English language skills, including reading, writing, and communication.

Our after-school tuition enhances students' confidence and self-esteem, as they gain proficiency in a subject that is fundamental to their educational journey. The smaller class sizes and interactive learning environments often found in after-school programs create a supportive atmosphere, encouraging active participation and collaborative learning. Our programs have creative and engaging teaching methods, making the learning process enjoyable and fostering a love for the English language. Our after-school tuition in English not only boosts academic performance but also equips your little ones with essential language skills and a positive attitude towards learning.


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coding for kids


iCode's after-school tuition in mathematics is a great way to get your kids to enjoy learning. We're not your typical stuffy school environment, and when your kiddos excel at math, they'll enjoy being high achievers. Our classes are a great reinforcement of mathematical concepts learned during regular school hours. Our curriculum helps build problem-solving skills, logic, and develops a strong foundation in general mathematics. We have smaller class sizes of 4 to ensure we are meeting individual learning goals and targets within our smaller and more personalise learning environment. Our programs also have interactive and hands-on teaching methods, making math more accessible and enjoyable for young learners. Your little ones will gain confidence and a positive attitude towards math. It sounds impossible, doesn't it? Understanding Maths is a foundation to success in life - Give your kids a head start, future proofing their career options. 

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game development


If your child has a learning disability, or perhaps they are neurodiverse, then traditional teaching methods aren't going to work alone. Schools don't always cater for a range of learning types, whereas iCode assists children in developing their strengths, meeting learning goals and targets while supporting fitting social skills. iCode school is an interactive after school care provider offering primary school tuition. Your children will be supported to make excellent progress, develop growth in self confidence and exposure to strengths you never knew they had. Our Tutors are experienced with children with a range of additional needs and our small supported classes ensure they are getting all the support they need to achieve their goals.

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    Parent Feedback

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What grades do you offer tutoring support for?
    We offer tutoring support for students in Grade Prep - Year 12.
    What subjects do you offer tutoring in?
    We offer Maths and English tutoring for children in Prep - Year 12.
    How long does a tutoring session last for?
    Tutoring sessions run for 1 hour each week per subject.
    What times can my child do tutoring?
    Tutoring sessions run Monday to Friday (from 4-5pm, 5.15-6.15) and Saturday mornings (9-10am, 10.15-11.15am)
    What other courses do you offer?
    We also offer coding courses for kids in Grade 2 - Year 12. Kids learn the language of computers as they build games and creative projects. These are the 21st century skills that will help children get that competitive advantage to win the jobs of the future.
    What is the weekly price?
    For a limited time we are offering a special price of $39 per one hour weekly session for tutoring. If you sign up at this rate you will lock in this price ongoing. After this, the price will be increased to $45 per week for new customers.

    Kids coding courses are $45 per one hour weekly session.
    Am I locked into a contract?
    There are no contracts. We do ask that you commit for a term to see maximum results. Should you not want to continue simply let us know, and we will refund any monies paid in advance, no questions asked.
    What kind of results can I expect to see, and what happens if my child doesn’t make progress?
    Each child is different, but we expect each child to show clear learning growth over 60 days (usually sooner). If your child doesn’t show progress we will refund your money, or work for free until we see learning growth.
    How do you measure progress?
    We do a pre-assessment to measure exactly where your child is at, after a block of focused tutoring we will re-assess your child to measure exactly how much they have improved.
    What is your policy for cancellations and make up sessions?
    If we have 24 hours notice we will provide several times that we have available for a catch up session. Catch up sessions need to be taken in the following 7 days after the missed session.
    Where do the tutoring sessions take place?
    Tutoring sessions take place at our learning studios at 1/124 High St, Belmont (directly opposite KFC). We also offer online sessions for one to one tutoring.
    Do students receive homework from tutoring?
    We don’t assign weekly homework, but we do recommend that children (especially younger children) practice their number facts daily for 10-15 minutes. Number facts are basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations that children should learn to recall instantly with no working out (in other words, they need to learn them off by heart). This is the most important thing that children can do to improve their maths skills. We can provide resources and supports to assist you with this.

    For English our recommendation is that children consistently read at home. Younger children should be reading with their parents 5 nights a week. Older children should also be reading consistently, and starting to focus on analysing and interpreting texts. We can provide resources and supports to assist parents with these areas.
    What can I do as a parent to support my child’s learning?
    We encourage you to be positive around your child’s learning, give praise and ask how they are going. Support them in doing their weekly tutoring activities, and encourage them to review what they have been learning at school. Remind them that learning is supposed to be challenging, but that is why it is so rewarding.
    What experience do you have?
    iCode School is owned by Shannon Curtis a qualified teacher and educator. Shannon developed the iCode School tutoring approach and the ‘Rapid Results Learning System’ as a direct result of his own children needing support and tutoring. We have taught hundreds of students, and have many happy families as part of our community. iCode School tutors have exceptional experience in the subject areas they tutor, and more importantly they care about getting the best outcomes for your child.

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