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Our maths tutoring will help your child catch up, fast.

If your child is behind, or you feel they are not being stretched or extended in maths, our Geelong kids maths tutors, combined with our proven maths tutoring program, can help.

Our Geelong maths tutoring programs specialise in working with children from Prep - Year 10, to quickly improve their maths results.

By choosing iCode School as your maths tutoring partner you can expect:


Incredible Pricing

$55 hour maths tutoring.


Our Promise

If your child’s results don’t improve in 60 days, we’ll refund your money, or work for free.


No Lock-In Contracts

Our Geelong & Hunter Valley Maths tutoring is completely flexible. You're not locked into any contracts, which means we always need to deliver value.


Weekly 1 hour sessions

Remotely online or in-person at our 21st century Geelong & Hunter Valley learning studios. 


Regular reporting

You'll get reporting on your child's mathematical progress and updates on what they're learning.


Maths tutoring program

that follows school curriculum, so you know everything learned will be relevant to your child.

A maths tutoring program

that prepares, supports and builds upon what your child is learning at school.

Caring Geelong maths

tutors who are committed to your child’s learning growth.

How our Geelong Maths Tutoring Works

The first step is to get a detailed understanding of where your child is currently at in their learning. We do this by conducting our ‘Dynamic Maths Diagnosis’ that clearly highlights any gaps in your child’s learning, and where your child needs support.

After the ‘Dynamic Maths Diagnosis’ has been completed we sit down with families and have a learning consultation where we provide a comprehensive summary of what the diagnosis has uncovered, key areas where you child needs support, and the program we would recommend to support your child in quickly bridging any learning gaps.


If you feel that we can provide the support required for your child, we build a personalised, targeted learning plan that is designed to improve your child’s learning results in the shortest possible time. We will then schedule a convenient weekly one hour session to support your child with their Maths tutoring.

How the iCode School ‘Rapid Results Learning System’ works

icode school maths tutoring rapid results learning system
primary school student in maths tutoring geelong

Dynamic Maths Diagnosis

The key to helping your child improve in their maths is to understand where your child is at in their learning at any given time.

We do this through our ‘Dynamic Maths Diagnosis’ which happens at the very start, and then weekly through a ‘Snapshot Diagnosis’. This allows our tutors to always understand where your child is at, and what we need to teach them next.

Zone of Proximal Development Targeting

The zone of proximal development (ZPD), or zone of potential development, refers to the range of abilities an individual can perform with the guidance of an expert, but cannot yet perform on their own.

The fastest way to improve your child’s maths learning is to consistently teach and support them in their ZPD. The use of our ‘Snapshot Diagnosis’ informs our tutors, so they can consistently target and teach your child in their ZPD area.

zone of proximal development targeting for maths diagnosis
students learning in a maths tutoring center in geelong

Weekly Adaptive Learning

Effective, fast learning requires instruction to adapt to your childs needs, and where they are at, at any given time.

We ensure your child’s personalised maths tutoring program, and the tasks your child undertakes, are adapted weekly to ensure your child is learning quickly.

How the ‘Rapid Results Learning System’ is different to traditional tutoring methods.

Traditional tutoring focusses on a ‘sequential building blocks’ approach. This approach has a child work through lots of activities on the same concept to ensure they have no learning gaps. The problem with this is, a child may have already mastered a concept, yet they still have to keep working through the activities until the very end, when they will be assessed.

This is great for tutoring companies that keep you paying for a longer period of time. But it leads to a child losing engagement, and you as a parent paying for tutoring for much longer than you need to.

The ‘Rapid Results Learning System’ identifies when a child has mastered a concept, and then moves them forward. At iCode School we don’t want to waste your child’s time, or your money.

prep student smiling while doing maths worksheets

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What grades do you offer tutoring support for?
    We offer tutoring support for students in Grade Prep - Year 10.
    What is a maths tutor?
    A maths tutor is someone who helps students achieve their goals in the subject by teaching them better study techniques and providing additional support. Some of the benefits of getting maths tutoring include:

    - Improved grades
    - Confidence levels that increase with improved grades
    - Improved test scores
    - Less anxiety about maths
    - More mathematical skills
    How long does a tutoring session last for?
    Tutoring sessions run for 1 hour each week per subject.
    Does maths tutoring help?
    Yes. There are simply a lot of factors that contribute to the success of students in school. One important factor is the way in which they study. If they are not taking their studies seriously, then it’s likely that they will struggle with their maths abilities. If they are struggling with maths, then it can be hard for them to focus on other subjects and get good grades overall. 

    Another factor is whether or not your child chooses a subject that matches their interests and strengths. Ultimately, if your child doesn’t enjoy studying a certain subject, then it will be difficult for them to perform well in that subject and get good grades overall.
    Is maths tutoring worth it?
    One of the first things you should consider before getting a tutor for your child is whether tutoring can make a difference to your child. If you feel that there are no improvements, then tutoring is not worth it. However, if your child is struggling and feels that they cannot improve without help, then maths tutoring can be a great option to help them out.
    What is your policy for cancellations and make up sessions?
    If we have 24 hours notice we will provide several times that we have available for a catch up session. Catch up sessions need to be taken in the following 7 days after the missed session.

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