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March 11, 2022
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A Personalised Approach to Maths Tutoring in Highton

A personalised approach to Maths tutoring in Highton

Our learning center provides tutoring and workshops for different levels of students. We have courses for children in Prep to Grade 6!

We teach maths in an inspirational, fun, and engaging way to keep your kids interested in the subject. 

The world is changing all around us. Now more than ever, kids need to be able to understand the meaning behind the numbers they see on a daily basis.

Children who have been taught maths from a young age have a much higher chance of being successful in the subject. This is because they are able to think critically and understand concepts in a way that is not possible when they are taught later in life.

The benefits of maths tutoring for kids can be seen in their academic performance. When students have a tutor, they typically have higher grades and standardized test scores than those who do not. They also learn at a faster rate and retain information better.

Highton’s Favorite English Tutoring Center!

iCode School has a proven approach for helping support children with English tutoring. Our ‘Rapid Results Learning System’ helps up deliver faster learning results for children in Highton Victoria. We provide personalised English tutoring to make your child better at English. 

We keep kids on track with their learning goals by developing personalised learning plans for each student. Rather than just following a pre-determined lesson plan, we have conversations with them about what they want to achieve and then work towards that goal.

Effective and Personalized Tutoring

The most effective way to learn English is through personalised tutoring. It is more effective because it caters to the needs of the individual learner.

In addition, our personalized English tutoring for kids offers a more comfortable environment for learners because it is tailored to their age group and learning style.

This type of tutoring also helps students develop a sense of independence because they are able to work on their own while being guided by a tutor who is there when needed.

Education in Highton, Victoria

Highton is a suburb of Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Geelong is situated at the mouth of the Barwon River with Port Phillip Bay to the east and the Bellarine Peninsula to the west.

Highton is a typical Australian suburb with typical Australian facilities, such as parks, schools, shops, and restaurants.

Highton is home to three state-run primary schools. The first one opened in 1854, Highton Primary School. Followed by Bellaire Primary School in 1963 which opened after the end of World War II to address the growing population; then came Montpellier Primary School in 1969.

Belmont High School is one of the largest public schools in Geelong. It opened in 1955 and is the only state-run high school in Belmont, VIC.

Christian College, a co-denominational Christian school, opened in the former St Augustine's orphanage in 1980 and offers the suburb's only independent primary and secondary school.

Opening in 1980, Christian College offers a number of programs for students from the pre-school level to the post-graduate level. The college is also notable for being one of the few co-educational Christian schools in existence.

When Geelong Grammar School occupied a campus in Highton from 1962 to 1998, they became the first non-Church of England school in Geelong. Geelong Grammar School is now part of Christian College which has three campuses in the suburb.

Highton is located just a few minutes from Deakin University's Waurn Ponds campus and also has a high student population in the southern section.

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