Brick Buddies Lego Club

Free trial Lego classes in Geelong that allow kiddos to explore their creativity and building logic. They'll also make Brick Buddies - A great social interaction.


  Lego Social Group - Brick Buddies.

It’s a is a structured intervention activity using Lego play to develop social skills. 

Our Lego classes are a great way to develop your little one's social skills. Primarily designed for children children but also in adolescents and adults. Here's why it's effective for building social skills and forming strong relationships with peers.


Structured Collaboration

Our Brick Buddies Group involves structured activities where participants take on specific roles (engineer, supplier and builder) in a team setting. This structure encourages collaboration, communication, and teamwork, essential components of social interaction.


Clear Objectives and Rules

The group times have clear objectives and outcomes for the individual or group to achieve (building a specific model or structure) and rules, creating a controlled environment that helps the kids understand and develop social parameters, expectations, follow guidelines and cooperate effectively


At Our Geelong Brick Buddies Lego Club You Can Expect

Incredible Pricing

$50 hour for social group D&D classes to enhance social-skills.

Free Trial Class

For all new students.

Term Based Courses

That run for 9 weeks.

Weekly 1 hour sessions

Remotely online or in-person at our 21st century Geelong learning studios.

Sequential Curriculum

That allows your child to progress and move forward in their life socially.

Kids D&D Courses

That give the skills that school doesn't teach you.

Caring Code Coaches

Who are committed to your child’s learning growth.

Fun Courses

Where kids can connect and socialise with other like minded kids who share their passion for technology and creation.

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More Reasons Why Lego Class Is Beneficial 

Turn-Taking and Shared Focus

The necessity to take turns, share resources and work toward a common goal fosters the development of essential social skills like patience, empathy, and perspective-taking. Participants learn to listen to others' ideas and compromise to achieve a shared objective.

Safe and Supportive Environment

Lego provides a safe and enjoyable context for interaction, making it easier for individuals, especially those with social challenges like autism spectrum disorders, to engage in social interaction without feeling overwhelmed or pressured.

Concrete Learning Experience

Through Lego play, our children and young people learn social skills in a concrete and tangible way. They can immediately see the consequences of their actions, leading to discussions and reflections on effective communication, problem-solving, and cooperation.

Natural Social Feedback

In our Brick Buddies program, individuals work together, they naturally receive feedback from their peers about their social behaviour and interactions. This allows for real-time adjustments in communication styles, understanding social cues, as well as adapting and becoming familiar with different personalities. Have your young creator join our lego club today!



Why Attend Our After-School Lego Classes? Brick Buddies

Australian schools aren't equipped with specialists to help the many kids that are reclusive. The curriculum isn't designed to nurture certain personalities. iCode's is. Our Brick Buddies Lego class is great for problem-solving, creativity, and will bring your children out of their shells and get them interacting in social situations.

Generalisation of Skills

 The skills learned during our programs can be transferred to real-life social situations. Kids learn to can apply the communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills they have developed to various social contexts outside the Brick Buddies program.

Fun and Motivation

Using Lego as a tool for learning makes the process enjoyable and motivating. Fun activities encourage active participation and sustained engagement, fostering a positive attitude towards learning and practicing new skills.

Lego Group Therapy

It harnesses the inherent qualities of Lego bricks to create a safe and supportive environment where Kids can explore, communicate, and grow personally and interpersonally. It's a creative and effective method used by therapists to address a wide range of individual goals. Brick Buddies taps into the inherent qualities of Lego play to create an engaging and effective method for developing and improving social skills in a structured and supportive environment.

Collaboration with others

Our Lego classes promotes active listening and communication. Tasks will be set, requiring collaboration from other students requiring cooperative skills. They'll learn team work, their strengths and how to follow a detailed plan.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where does Brick Buddies take place?
    Brick Buddies takes place at our learning studios at 1/124 High St, Belmont (directly opposite KFC). We also offer online sessions for one to one tutoring.
    What other clubs do you have?
    We have a wonderful DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) as well as our Brick Buddies club! Check it out and see if your child could be the next dungeon master! 
    What experience do you have?
    iCode School is owned by Shannon Curtis a qualified teacher and educator. Shannon developed the iCode School tutoring approach and the ‘Rapid Results Learning System’ as a direct result of his own children needing support and tutoring. We have taught hundreds of students, and have many happy families as part of our community. iCode School tutors have exceptional experience in the subject areas they tutor, and more importantly they care about getting the best outcomes for your child.
    How do you measure progress?
    We do a pre-assessment to measure exactly where your child is at, after a block of focused tutoring we will re-assess your child to measure exactly how much they have improved.
    What can I do as a parent to support my child’s learning?
    We encourage you to be positive around your child’s learning, give praise and ask how they are going. Support them in doing their weekly tutoring activities, and encourage them to review what they have been learning at school. Remind them that learning is supposed to be challenging, but that is why it is so rewarding.

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